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Ideas to Keep Concrete Clean and in Good Order

Concrete when put in place correctly will last for years and year it is very durable and by design will continue on giving good and valuable service. Keeping in mind that concrete does require some maintenance to help it along in most cases the concrete owner is able to put in place a maintenance programme to keep newly laid, and older concrete looking great by following a few very easy tasks

For professional concrete cleaning or ongoing maintenance our team are available we are a phone call away - Crangan Bay Constructions Concrete maintenance are able to job done for our clients quickly, efficiently and at an affordable price.


The Recommendation is for all or any coloured and decorative concrete that it should be pressure washed and then once dryresealed With a concrete sealer, this process should be done every 12 months to keep it looking fresh.

Concrete areas that are landscaped along the edges or have trees dropping or falling leaves creating stains, areas of continues shade where green or other mould could be created creating scale this needs to be removed. Thus the concrete will need to be cleaned more often.


Resealing can be done by the concrete owner, however it is advisable that owners use a concrete maintenance specialist. Select a concrete business that has the knowhow and understands what is required to complete the resealing in the correct manner, then offers a written guarantying on the work and covers it by a warranty.


The equipment required for a simple clean and reseal include;

Pressure Washer

A domestic grade pressure washer will get the job done. An average driveway as an example should only take an hour or so to clean. As a point of interest small pressure washer can be hired very cheaply at any local plant hire shop.


The type of sealer required for the job depends on the type of decorative concrete that has been installed; as an example for all stamped and stencilled concrete a standard clear penetrative sealer is adequate.

Areas concreted using an exposed finish will require a different type of sealer. Agriseal is one we recommend this is similar to the normal clear but designed for exposed concrete.

Those areas in coloured concrete customers have a choice of clear or a coloured sealer. The coloured sealer as an example is designed to match the colour of the concrete installed and the new sealed areas covered will help hide any blemishes and bringing the look of the concrete back to a very new look. Learn More Concrete Sealers

Paint Roller

Appling the sealer to the cleaned area a paint roller with a longer handle is able to get the job done, however it is recommended that a masonry grade roller be used to ensure that the applied sealer gets in all the tight areas.

Stain Remover

Paint or concrete suppliers usually carry a wide range of stain removers that will assist in the removing of stubborn stains. It is advisable to read all the application instructions, directions before use. When a stain remover is used incorrectly it can create a situation where you have clean spots showing in the concrete, the stain removers can overly clean also some of them can be harmful to the skin.

It is possible to get concrete looking like the day it was first laid and looking great for a long time to come.

In some cases rather than cleaning it might be time for an update? Considered replacing the concrete or overlaying a using a pattern with a colour added.

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